Friday, 25 February 2011

Pretty neat blogs

 I am a total blog junkie. I stalk ALL sorts of blogs from tumblr to wordpress and blogger (most def). But there are some blogs which i truly love for some reason.
Daisy-Mak: a blog created by a 17 year old Nigerian based in England. I really love her style. Its very refreshing. She was recently featured in Vogue-Italia (i know...pretty impressive). I hope she forgives me for putting up a picture of her.. :S
Check out her blog here
 I also love The Glamourai., by Kelly Framel.

Her style is truly amazing. She not only has such good taste in clother, she also has good taste in furniture. Her blog also features a lot of DIY ideas. (i got a few tricks from there... :D).Be sure to check it out soonest.
 Karla's closet by Karla Deras is also amazing. She's got impeccable style and is really creative.

 Check it out here
Later darlings,
Nazom Xx

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