Friday, 25 February 2011

For the love of ANKARA

 I am African, Nigerian to be precise, and i am utterly in love with ankara (African print textiles.. :s). The fashion industry in Nigeria continues to grow each day, and it is refreshing to see the way Nigerian designers have made use of the local textiles. A Nigerian designer worthy of note is Ituen Basi. Almost (or all... :s) of her work is done with ankara (even the accessories!!).

You can check out the official Ituen Basi site here
 A lot of international fashion designers have started to incorporate the African traditional materials/ textiles (ankara) into their work. I really like what Gwen Stefani has been doing with ankara:

 A lot of celebrities have been spotted (hehe... now i feel like watching Gossip Girl) wearing African print as well

ankara brogues

 Can't wait to get back to Nigeria (going home for March break yay!!!!) and make some awesome dresses (with ankara of course). As a matter of fact, I am seriously considering wearing Ankara for my formal. We'll see how that goes.
Till next time,
Nazom Xx

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  1. Great post, love the prints - I didn't know they were called ankara.