Friday, 25 February 2011


 Alexander McQueen died on 11 February, 2010 (aged 40), so this is a bit late. McQueen was a remarkable man. he shared his creativity and vision with the whole world. The whole world lost a star on that fateful day, the 11th of February, 2010. McQueen will continue to live on in our hearts. Celebs continue to pay their tributes to McQueen ( i am sure this would last for a long while)
 Sarah Burton has now taken over McQueen's role. I hope she does a good job. McQueen would have loved to see the company grow.
  “I’m 40 now, but I want this to be a company that lives way beyond me, and I believe that customers are more important to making that happen than press. When I’m dead, hopefully this house will still be going. On a spaceship. Hopping up and down above earth.” (Alexander McQueen, Love magazine interview, 2010)

Long live McQueen, 
Nazom Xx

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